Note: these are development screenshots. For more up to date features and images, check out the help page

Cretin's iconbar menu
Note the Choices and Aliases options for easy setup.
Iconbar menu
Multiple Servers
Cretin supports multiple servers.
Different channels, nicks and user idents can be used on each
View options menu
Cretin's views menu.
Here, the tabs, userpane, user nick and topic are all turned off, however
it is still possible to change between channels using the F1-F10 keys
Tab menu
Cretin's tabs menu.
Close: Remove the tab from view.
Kill: leave the channel, clear Cretin's memory of it and close the tab.
New Window: Remove the tab and place it in a new window.
Note also the red tab, indicating unread messages in that channel.
Tabs only view
Cretin's ultra-shiny tabs only view.
Activated by Ctrl+F1 and left when a tab is clicked.
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